Welcome to Costuming Track. If you are looking to learn cool tips and tricks for taking your costumes, props, accessories, and/or makeup to the next level then you have arrived.  Bring a note pad because our experts share their how-to secrets for every material across every style.

We are a genre neutral track. Sure we love all the sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and pop culture movies, TV shows, art, and literature that the con has to offer. However, our programming does not target specific fandoms; after all there are plenty of other tracks that do. Essentially, we show you how to make a better ________ (you fill in the blank.) From there, you can adapt your ________ to fit genre specific applications.

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  1. The pre-registration form for the Friday Night Costume contest asks for documentation of the process of making the costume. I’m not yet finished with the costumes I want to enter so I don’t have a full documentation. Do I submit what I have or should I wait?

    • I would suggest compiling what you have thus far onto a single word document and send that to us. Please be sure to bring the balance of your documentation with you to Con.

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