Welcome to Costuming Track. If you are looking to learn cool tips and tricks for taking your costumes, props, accessories, and/or makeup to the next level then you have arrived.  Bring a note pad because our experts share their how-to secrets for every material across every style.

Costuming Track celebrates, educates, and supports the costuming and cosplay communities by providing resources and opportunities that promote costuming as an expression of art, entertainment, and recreation across fandoms while remaining genre neutral.

We are a genre neutral track. Sure we love all the sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and pop culture movies, TV shows, art, and literature that the con has to offer. However, our programming does not target specific fandoms; after all there are plenty of other tracks that do. Essentially, we show you how to make a better ________ (you fill in the blank.) From there, you can adapt your ________ to fit genre specific applications.

We align ourselves with Dragon Con’s goals and ideals; to support the costuming and fandom community with quality entertaining and educational costume-related events while offering outstanding customer service through expanded costuming resources, active community engagement, and robust education for all skill levels and interests.

We are dedicated to providing you with costuming programming that is informative and entertaining. Do you have a suggestion for a great costuming related panel or event? Please tell us all about it.

…is to grow our audience by:
  • Expanding programming quality, variety, and accessibility.
  • Raising topics that are current, relevant, and caters to the demands of fan interests.
  • Increasing our points of contact to promote our offerings.
  • Providing support to other Dragon Con directors in realizing costuming programming that fits their genre and goals.