Friday Night Costuming Contest (FNCC) Documentation Submission

Have you pre-registered to be a contestant in the FNCC?

NO – you must pre-register before you can submit your documentation.  Please visit our FNCC Pre-Registration Page.

YES – Please review the documentation commonly asked questions prior to submitting your documentation through the form at the bottom of this page.


Judges need to know how the costume was constructed, designed, and/or created. They want to know what the inspiration is and how much work went into it. Documenting (journaling) your creation process is an excellent way to show judges how much of your costume was your own design and creation. Documentation (in the form of a single multi-page PDF or MS Word document set to 8.5 x 11 paper so judges may print them) must be submitted online no later than August 15 at 11:59pm. In your document you may include notes, photos, drawings, graphs, etc. so long as they are consolidated into a single document. You may also bring fabric samples with you to the event but make sure it is swatches that you are willing to part with.

Upon completion of your online registration you will be provided the link to submit your documentation to Costuming Track for our judges. Be respectful of the judges time: we ask that you consolidate all journaling, photos, and other resource information into a single multi-page PDF that is set to 8.5 x 11 paper. Please DO NOT send multiple attachments. They will automatically get cached. So we may expedite the documentation portion of your judges scores, we simply CANNOT accept inappropriate documentation nor are we able to consolidate multiple documents into a single document for you.

No. By the very nature of experience, some people will require more time than others to achieve the look of their costume. Therefore, time alone is not a factor. The FNCC focuses on final results vs. effort expended.

Yes: August 15th at 11:59p.

NOTE: This is the documentation due date, not the last date we accept registrations. Please see FAQs for Registrations for more details.

Contestant Disclaimer and Registration Form

By submitting the registration form below, you are acknowledging that you have read the above FAQs and agree to abide by any rules and stipulations outlined therein. Dragon Con reserves the right to make changes and substitutions including, but not limited to: time, location, awards, emcees, judges, etc. Upon completion of the below form, you agree to email copies of your documentation that clearly shows the judges the construction process of the costume that you are entering into this contest to the email address that will be provided upon completion of the registration form. Note that the judges need your documentation no later than August 15 at midnight.
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FNCC Documentation Submission

Please note that there is a difference between registration and documentation. Registration ends when we reach capacity. Documentation is due by August 15.

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