Pin Your Card for Charity

Costuming Business Card

The Costuming Track is providing a Pin Board for our costuming related service providers to show their support for this years charity drive for the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency ( This will be located within our new Exhibit space for all of the Dragon Con members to see when they visit the exhibit.

In the past, so many of our panelists and fans have wanted an outlet for posting their business cards and we simply didn’t have the ability to make it happen. Until now! This year you get to pin your information and donate to a good cause. Everybody wins!

Here’s the run down:

    • Pin space will be provided at the following suggested donation amounts (based on 8.5 x 11 pages):
      1/4 page Pin (4.25″ X 5.5″) – $5
      1/2 page Pin (8.5″ X 5.5″) – $10
      Full page Pin (8.5″ X 11″) – $20
    • Pin dimensions can be landscape or portrait.
    • Sorry, we cannot accept any ‘presales’, Pin donations are done in the Costuming Track room on site.
    • Please seek a Costuming Track volunteer to participate.  All Pins will be added to our board only by the volunteer.
    • We can’t guarantee a specific location on the board since we may have to move Pins around to fill the board evenly as more donations are received. Since it’s for charity, we hope we have to do this often.
    • We do not do printing on site so bring your Pin material(s) with you.
    • Please, no written-on-a-cocktail-napkin Pins. Yuck.
    • Folks are perfectly capable of jotting down or taking a pic of your info. So no “take me” tabs that become trash on our floor, please.
    • We will gladly pin a business card at the 1/4 page Pin price.  If your card is printed on both sides, we will pin 2 cards, front and back, within the 1/4 page Pin space. No stacks of cards please (for the same reason as the previous bullet point.)
    • Dragon Con and the Costuming Track does not endorse, nor do we guarantee, the quality of service provided by anyone making a donation in exchange for pinning their information on our board.