Pie in the Face Charity Raffle

Pie in the Face

Come one come all and help us cream some of our Costuming Track Panelists (and our Fearless Leader… err Track Director; Lee Cox) to raise funds for this years charity drive, Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (

The Costuming Track has some AMAZING Panelists who have agreed to be raffled off to receive a whipped cream pie, decked out with chocolate syrup and a cherry on top; smeared in the face at the end of one or more of their panels.

Below are some of the Panelists you will have the opportunity to Pie.

  • Sean M Patton
  • RJ Haddy
  • Mark Zoran
  • Chuck Dorsett
  • Stephen Taylor
  • Scott Merrill
  • Keven Sutton
  • Antonio Tiggs
  • Chameleon Queen
  • Tony Ballard Smoot
  • Jeff Leininger

We will be selling raffle tickets during the panel for $1 a ticket or $10 for 15.  You have to be present at the end of the panel to win the pie…

Some panels may have multiple panelists up for being pied; in which case we will put them up against each-other to see who can raise the most for the charity before they all get pied.