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Vintage Vogue Fashion Show @ Dragon Con 2017

Sunday, Sept 3 at 1:00 PM
Grand Ballroom A-F at the Sheraton Atlanta

presented by
Costuming Track &
Alternate History Track

Bringing historical fashion AND costumes from Alternate History to the runway, the timeline gets twisted at the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show (aka VVFS)! Join us for a stunning time-traveling costume adventure at DragonCon 2017!

The VVFS is a ballroom event featuring both period fashion and alternate history costuming together on one runway. This unique event premiered at Dragon Con in 2014 to a standing-room-only crowd and we are looking forward to bringing even more top-drawer talent to the stage this year!

If you have crafted period costuming, built awesome alternate history couture, or want to share a unique vintage style at the show, please review the application below and submit your details to us today!

The VVFS showcases true and accurate historical costuming from ancient history forward. We are also including exciting costuming from “alternate history” timelines such as Steampunk, Dieselpunk etc.
YES! This is a rare opportunity to capture images of top-drawer costuming that may be overlooked in the greater milieu of pop culture cosplay at Dragon
There may be limited spots remaining in the show. We ask that you please complete the registration form below. If you have additional questions, contact today!

Registration is closed for the 2017 show.