The Body Art Challenge

Body Art flyer

The Dragon Con Costuming Track and its contributors are proud to present the first Annual Dragon Con Body Art Challenge! In this event, up to 10 experienced body paint artists will test their skills in an “against the clock challenge”!

These skillful artists will have 90 minutes to create an original design for our audience and panel of esteemed judges. At the end, one artist will be awarded the Grand Prize!

One deserving artist will have the title of Dragon Con Body Art Challenge Champion! Are you confident in your skills as an artist? Enter today!!! (Competition slots are limited)!!!!!!!

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  • When and where is it held?
    Sunday, 10:00PM @ the Hyatt Regency’s International Ballrooms North & South.
  • Who are the emcees?
    Andrea Mast Kessel and RJ Haddy.
  • Who are the judges?
    Antonio Tigg, Tommy Pietch, and Todd Lockwood.
  • How do I become a contestant?
    Simply go to our online registration form below and answer a few questions. We will contact you if your registration is accepted.
  • How do I send pics of my previous work?
    Please email 5 of your best pics to us (email address will be provided upon completion of the registration form.) Pics are required for registration approval. They will also be used during the show in a visual presentation when you are introducedt o the audience.
  • Do I have to pre-register?
    Yes. We will not have on-site registration for this Contest.
  • Is there a limit on the number of contestants?
    Yes. This contest is limited to a max of 10 contestants. Consider pre-registration the audition. We will select the top 10 pre-registrations to compete at the convention.
  • Do I provide my own makeup?
    Yes, bring your own makeup and tools. You may bring water or silicone based airbrush paints and/or traditional body art paints. Alcohol based airbrush paints will not be permitted.
  • Do I supply a model?
    Yes. You must bring your own model. None will be provided. Your model must be over 18, have a valid photo ID and their own Dragon Con membership. Dragon Con reserves the right to check for photo ID at any point during the course of the event.
  • Can I be a model?
    Dragon Con does not control the selection of models. Each contestant is responsible for making arrangements for their own model.
  • When will Costuming Track let me know if I am selected for the contest?
    Our event handlers will notify you no later than 2-3 weeks prior to the convention.
  • How do I know what to bring?
    When approved to be a contestant, you will provided with year’s themes so you may plan accordingly.
  • How much time do I have to complete a makeup?
    90 minutes.
  • What do I do if I arrive late?
    It is extremely important that you arrive 30 minutes prior to contest start. We cannot give you extra time at the end of the challenge to make up for the late arrival. If you have an emergency and must withdraw from the competition, please notify a Costuming Track volunteer as soon as possible.
  • How am I introduced to the audience?
    The online pre-registration form has a place to tell us what you want us to know about your makeup experience. Please provide us with a brief ‘resume’ that will give the audience a clear idea of any previous makeup experience you may have. Introductions that are too short/long will be returned for editing.
  • Do I have to use an airbrush?
    You are not required to use an airbrush. However, if you do, please remember that alcohol based paints are prohibited.
  • Will I be able to use my airbrush and/or blow-dryer?
    Yes. You may want to bring your own extension cord and power strip if you plan on using this type of equipment?
  • Can my model be nude?maria1
    No. Models must wear nude or flesh colored bikini or nipple covers and bikini bottoms. It is your responsibility to make sure that your model is covered at least to the minimal standards as set forth by the state of Georgia. Otherwise you will be disqualified and asked to leave. Con directors will be on hand to make sure your model is properly covered prior to entry. If they are not, you will be allowed one opportunity to correct the situation prior to contest start time.
  • Can I use costumes and props?
    No. Your finished character will be judged strictly on the body painting and nothing else.
  • Any thing else I need to know?
    Yes. In addition to the above FAQs, the following miscellaneous information applies to this contest:
  • Contestants must do ALL of the makeup application within the allotted time.
  • Prosthetic appliances are not permitted.
  • Contestants cannot injure or damage a model. This includes (but is not limited to) cutting or altering their hair, applying materials to the hair that are difficult to remove, making alterations to their clothing (see rules for nudity above), using techniques that can be interpreted as stabbing or applying extreme pressure to the face or head, etc.
  • Contestants must do ALL of the makeup application, including appliances if the contestant so desires, within the allotted time frame.
  • The winner is determined by a juried panel of industry professionals.
  • Yes, there is a prize given away to the best makeup interpretation. However, please do not lose sight of the fact that this is primarily for fun. Everyone in the room will greatly appreciate the effort you put into your makeup regardless.
  • If you need to borrow a product or tool from another contestant: please ask, do not take. Be respectful if the answer is ‘no.’ If something is loaned to you, please return it the way you found it.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up your work station after the winner is announced. To expedite recovery, dedicated volunteers will be available to assist you; however they are there to help you, not do it for you.
  • After the contest, time is given for audience members to view the models more closely. Though not required, we encourage contestants to join their models and answer any one-on-one questions that may arise. Excellent opportunities have been presented to previous years contestants during this part of the event.
  • This year’s winner will not be permitted to return as a contestant next year. However, they can return in two years. In the interim, we encourage the winner to come see the show so we may make an honorary mention of the previous year’s winner to the audience during the course of the show. (In other words, the 2016 winner can’t enter again in 2017, but they can in 2018. Still, we would love it if you could sit in the audience in 2017 so we can give you some kudos.)

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EDIT: Check out this year’s prizes in another article.

Contestant Disclaimer and Registration Form

By submitting the registration form below, you are acknowledging that you have read the above FAQs and agree to abide by any rules and stipulations outlined therein. Dragon Con reserves the right to make changes and substitutions including, but not limited to: time, location, awards, emcees, judges, etc. Upon completion of the below form, you agree to email copies of documentation that clearly shows us the level and quality of previous makeup works; to the email address that will be provided upon completion of the registration form.

Deadline for entry is August 22, 2016.

(Form has been omitted. Please consider entering this competition next year when we begin taking registrations in June.)

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