Masks for the 30th Anniversary Masked Ball

Mask for Masked Ball

Who are we supporting?
This year, Dragon Con supports the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency ( Combining years of experience in homeless services and workforce development, ACSS offers homeless individuals with the knowledge, tools and resources required to obtain full-time employment and thrive intheir own lives. They are the largest and most successful provider of Workforce Development resources to homeless men and women in Atlanta. Since 2010, more than 1,700 people have been served by their programs and more than 1,300 have obtained full-time employment! Amazingly over 70% of those that they have placed remain in their jobs 6 months or longer. In addition to their CareerWorks program, they offer specialized Veteran Services and housing assistance for their qualified participants.

To help raise funds, Costuming Track will be collecting handmade masks to be sold at Dragon Con’s 30th Anniversary celebration, the Friday Night Masked Ball! Each mask we receive will be sold for a minimum donation with all proceeds going to ACSS. It is our intention to raise $3000 for this worthwhile cause and hope that you will join us in making this goal a reality.

What do we need?
golden lace maskNew or very gently used – like new masks for Dragon Con fans to purchase and wear during the 30th Anniversary Masked Ball and the rest of the weekend if they like.

What kind of masks?
How creative can you be? We are looking to receive a wide variety of creative masks so that our fans have a greater selection to choose from.

  • Do you work with leather? Worbla? Fosshape? Terraflex?
  • Do you like to crochet?
  • Maybe you prefer glue, glitter, and feathers.
  • Are you a Superhero fan or a Whovian?
  • Do you like glitz and glamour?
  • Are simple lines and angles preferred?
  • Are Disney Princes and Princesses your jam?
  • Do Mardi Gras or Victorian Balls wet your whistle?
  • These are just a few concepts to fuel your creativity.
  • And Yes, very gently used – like new masks will be accepted especially if they have a great story behind them.

What information needs to be provided with each mask?

  • Your full name
  • Mailing Address (we want to be able to thank you properly after Dragon Con)
  • Email address
  • How much cost went into making the mask
  • How much time went into making the mask
  • Suggested list price for the mask (please note that our pricing may be different based on the collection of masks we receive)

Mask for Masked Ball

When and where are we selling the masks?
We will have them on display  outside of the Masked Ball Friday evening (Hyatt Centennial II-III, 8:00p-midnight) so that the masks can be purchased prior to going into the ball.  If for some reason we end up having extras at the end of the evening, we will continue to sell the masks in the Costuming Track room (Hilton, 302) until they are all sold.

How many masks are needed?
As few or as many as you care to make. We would rather quality over quantity so don’t feel obligated to try to mass produce a bunch of them.

edit: 7/17/2016, our target is 200 PLUS masks for the masked ball.  Currently, between collected and pledges; we have approximately 150 masks.

Owl Mask for Masked Ball

How much will the masks cost?
Masks will be priced based on complexity, base costs of materials, time put into making the mask, etc.  Pricing will start at $5 and go up from there.  Prices associated with each mask are minimally accepted donations; we won’t stop someone from donating more for -; we may actually encourage it.

How long are we accepting masks and how do I get my mask to you?
We will be accepting masks up until the week before Dragon Con.

(EDIT:  We are extending how long we will be accepting masks.  It would be easier for us to handle pre-event stuff if we can get the masks a week before Dragon Con; but, if you are unable to get your masks to us by then, you can deliver them to the Costuming Track room (Hilton, 303) up until 4:00 PM on Friday. Please let us know in advance that you will be bringing your donation by the track room so we can arrange to meet you.)

If you are an Atlanta local, we can make arrangements for a hand-off to one of our track volunteers. Simply contact me, Michael, for handling. If you are an out-of-towner, I can assist you with shipping arrangements. Please make sure that you plan your shipping so that the mask(s) arrive a week before Dragon Con.

You can reach me at:
Or by sending an email to the Track Director, Lee Cox, at He will get your message to me.

On behalf of the director and all of us at Costuming Track, thanks for your time and donations. We really appreciate it.

Michael Goodwin
Dragon Con Costuming Track
Fundraising Project Coordinator

PS.  We’ll periodically host mask-making gatherings either at someones home or at a local craft/fabric store. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details!